What will you learn in this course?

  • What type of investors are there and how to choose the right one for you

  • How to build your investor list and why do you need one

  • When and how to ask for referrals

  • The art of writing cold emails to investors

  • How to create momentum and capitalize on it

Brought to you by Fundraising Radio's team and our speakers

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Head of Strategy and Design

Elizaveta Belinskaya

Elizaveta has been part of Fundraising Radio team for over a year and focuses on leading the overall strategic efforts of the podcast and also on creation of all the designs, infographics and videos that you see in this course and on our official website. Her eternal wisdom is the power source of the entire team and as a matter of fact, she is the one who pushed the idea of creating this course! If you are in need of some creativity and creation of strategic approaches to your current problem, don't hesitate to reach out - Elizaveta's time isn't cheap but well worth it.

Serial founder with over $2bn in acquisitions

Greg Shepard

Having sold his startups for a value of over $2bn, Greg Shepard is one of the most notable founders when it comes to the numbers of exists and the size of these exits - one of the startups that Greg founded, he sold to Ebay for a whopping $985 million. In this course Greg will talk about his personal experience of communicating with investors and utilizing his relationships with them to get to so many acquisitions.

Founder and host

Konstantin Dubovitskiy

Previously the Head of Investor Relations at Make Studios, and currently an Account Manager at YC-backed startup and host of Fundraising Radio who interviewed over 340 active investors, successful founders and wealth managers on just one subject: how does fundraising for early stage startups work? The knowledge he aggregated over those conversations and books on startups is laid out in this course with the "No Bullshit toleration" approach in mind. This will help you go through the course quickly and learn about all the tools and tactics that will get you in front of investors you really need on your cap table.

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